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So, I figured I'd actually write something in this journal, since I started it. Between school, school, and school? I really haven't had much time for anything exciting.

I'm thinking of creating a game based on Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter (More then likely), using the FATE rules. At this point? We'll call it an experiment. We'll see how it works, and if it doesn't? It'll be a hell of an experience I suppose. Normally however, the AB crowd is a bit of a dramatic crowd all together. We'll see. I'll just need to get people on board to help I suppose. :)

With that? Class is about to start, so, I need to shut down the laptop for now!

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So I went to my first non-sanctioned SCA event (Or hell, first event all together outside of a fair) called The Gathering, and I had a blast!

Actually, the weekend started off kind of iffy. The GF and I had never been to anything like this. We got there Friday afternoon - and setup was.. iffy. After being yelled, and lectured at through an entire setup process (said friend was overtired), we finally got it done.

Then, after setup was done, the GF and I where led to meet a few folks, before our host went on without us as it was too hot to walk briskly through the entire site. A little while later, I went to find another friend through a groups encampment who we where supposed to be 'there' with? Gave me the evil eye, every time I came though. So! We said to HELL with it, and started wandering on our own. It's a good thing we did!

Lets say, that the highlight of the weekend, was winding up in a great Kilt, and parading through with the Jacobite Guard - who've fully adopted me into their numbers, now.

Ooooh, and the photo opportunities.. It's going to take me days, weeks to get through all of these images - but I'll have them posted on my dA as I make it through! For now? Here's one my favorites from the Saturday night fire-play show.


Fireworks by =lcanady on deviantART
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  • 02:31 Entering an art show in the next two weeks. Wish me luck! #
  • 02:34 @trusuprise how the he'll did you get pink eye, yo?! #
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  • 10:40 Ugh, watching out of sync ww2 propaganda videos. :P #

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  • 11:45 @zephyrgrrl I hope you have more luck then I did, trying to break my folks into Twitter. ;) #
  • 11:46 I entered my first photography contest this week! I need people to vote for me!! Two links to pictures to follow. #
  • 11:47 The Unicorn: #
  • 11:48 Eternity: #
  • 11:48 And NICE! Twitter automatically tinyurl's your links! Sweet! #
  • 11:51 @khalen We're talking Sears 5x7 with a bunch of wallet shots too. This is a studio photography class after all, alas. ;) #
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Heya all.

Again, it's been a while since I've last written anything in my actual journal. Twitter seems to be the best means for me to actually keep up with my daily goings on these days. Heh.

Things on the home front are.. odd. Well, not so odd, but taxing, as living with one or more roommates normally is. At the moment, it's as if we're almost running a commune - a safe haven for folks, with three couples that are here 'regularly', and pay actual rent. *laughs* And, like any situation when you have more then one couple living in the same space? You have a few conflicts. Luckily, I'm not the sort that's quick to anger. Actually, I think I'm leading by example, getting people to work through their differences.

Also, there's school. School is going well. I'm still doing the Graphic Arts program - though I've found my way more into the photography nitch, then anything else. And here all these years I thought I wanted to get into 3D design. Heh. I guess it goes to show that we're never done growing, and learning about ourselves?

This of course, leads me into the HELP!! Part! I've entered my first photography contest, through, a leading publisher of photoshop/photography guides and instruction manuals, at the urging of my instructor/photography mentor. I need you guys (my friends and family) to view my pictures, and cast votes! :) Right now, I'm a no name in the field, but winning contests, and getting my work out nationally through contests, is a great way to start!!

The Unicorn
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  • 14:56 We did our first portaiture shots today. Good stuff. My model was really easy to work with. Also shot plastic dinos. heh. #

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posted by [personal profile] lcanady at 10:06am on 05/04/2009
  • 16:16 @khalen Sure ebay counts! Actually, I started looking at some tanon and sigma lenses. Seems like I found a couple of good deals! #
  • 01:02 Just got out of a Voltaire concert. i should have images up on deviant art at some point. :) #
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posted by [personal profile] lcanady at 10:05am on 03/04/2009
  • 11:53 First week of classes are done! Whew... #
  • 11:54 does anyone know a good online stores that sell eos rebel compatible lenses on a college budget?? #
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posted by [personal profile] lcanady at 10:03am on 20/03/2009

  • 10:17 zOMG! Done with finals. Now I can spend a week vegetating, and recuperating. :) #

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